meaning of biology

Meaning of Biology

Biology:-The branch of science in which living beings are studied is called Biology

Bio=Life  and  Logos=Study

Therefore study of life is called biology.

Lamarck and Treviranus  coined the term biology in the year of 1801

Biology has two main branch :-

  1. Botany

  2. Zoology

Botany:-Study of of plants is called botany.Theophrastus   is called the father of botany

Zoology:-Study of animal is called Zology.Aristotle  is called the father of Zoology

What is living ?

The word living cannot be defined.

The following characterstics which can be distinguished living thing  from non living are:-

Growth:-increase the number of cell and mass is called “growth”

Reproduction:-Living organism produce young ones of their same kind.

Metabolism:-Chemical reaction  occurring inside a living cell.

Response of stumuli:-Living have the ability to sense the condition of their surroundings and response to these stumuli.