The Sayyid Dynasty:1414-50 AD

There were four rulers ruling from 1414 to 1451 in Sayyid Dynasty.The Sayyid dynasty was the fourth dynasty of theDelhi Sultanate. It was founded by a former governor of Multan, Sayyid Dynasty succeeded theTughlaq Dynasty and it was ruled the sultanate until they were displaced by the Lodi Dynasty.

Khizr Khan (1414-21):-

Timur’s nominee captured Delhi and was proclaimed the new sultan. He was the first of the sayyid dynasty which ruled over Delhi and Surrounding districts.

Mubarak Shah(1421-34):-

He succeeded Khizr at the throne after his  successful expeditions against Mewatis, Katehars and the Gangetic Doab area.He was killed by the nobles in his own court.

Muhammad Shah(1434-43):-

The nobles put Muhammad Shah on the throne,but he could not survive the in-fighting among the nobles in the court.he was authorized to rule only meagre area around 30 miles,and rest of the sultanate was ruled by nobles.

Alam Shah(1443-51):-

The last Sayyid king descended in favour of Bahlul Lodhi and retired .Thus began the Lodi Dynasty which was confined to Delhi and few surrounding areas.












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