The Saluva Dynasty:1486-1505 AD

     1. Saluva Narsimha (1486-91): He founded the Saluva Dynasty.

    2. Tirumal(1491) and Immadi Narasimha (1491-1505):– Both were minors during the regency of Narsa Nayaka.Visco Da Gama landed in Calicut during his reign in 1498

 The Tuluva Dynasty:(1505-70 AD)

Vira Narsimha (1505-09 AD):-

Vir narsimha ,the son of Narsa Nayaka, became the king after the assassination of Immadi Narsimha,the last Saluva ruler.

Krishna Deva Raya:(1509-29 AD)

  1. Saluva Timma,the chief minister of Vira Narsimha ,placed Krishna Deva Raya,the brother of vira Narismha,on the throne
  2. Krishna Deva Raya mentioned friendly relation with Albuquerque,the Portuguese governor,whose ambassador Friar Luis resided in Vijyanagar.He won Orissa (Gajapati kingdom) for Vijaynagar and Vijyanagar emerged strongest during his resign.
  3. He built the Vijaya Mahal (House of Victory),the Hazara Rama temple and the Vithal Swami temple .
  4. He took the titles of yavanaraja Sthapnachrya(resorter of the yavana kingdome Bidar kingdom) and Abhinava Bhoja and Andhra Pitamaha.
  5. He was a gifted scholar in both Telgu and Sanskrit,of which only two works are extant: the telugu work on polity’ Amuktamalyada and the Sanskrit drama ‘Jambavati Kalyanam’.
  6. His court was adorned by the Ashtadiggajas(the eight celebrated poets of Telugu) :1 Peddan (Manucharitam) 2.Timmaya (‘Parijata) 3. Bhattamurthi Dhurjati 5.Mallan 6.Raju Ramchandra 7.Surona 8.Tenali Ramkrisha (‘Panduranga Mahamatya).
  7. Krishna Deva Raya, a contemporary of Babur,was the illustrious ruler of the Deccan.
  8. Duarte Barbosa and Dominigo paes, portugese travellers visited Vijaya nagar during the time of Krishna Deva Raya.
  9. Achyuta Deva Raya (1529- 42):-Krishna Deva Raya nominated his brother Achyuta Deva Raya as the successor.During his reign,Farnao Nunij,a portugese horse traders,visited Vijyanagar.
  10. Venkata I (1542)and Sadashiva Raya(1543-76):-Real power exercised by Rama Raja /Raya and his two brothers. The five successor states of the Bahamani empire was divided through Rama Raja’s diplomacy.the Batttle of Talikota (also called the Battle of Rakshasa-Tangadi) was fought on 23 Jan ,1565,Rama Raja was taken prisoner and executed by Hussain Nizam Shah I.the cityof Vijyanagar,which was the pride of medieval world,was mercilessly destroyed.Caesar Frederick,a Portuguese traveller,visited Vijyanagar in 1567-68 during the reign of Sadashiva Raya



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