Rahul Gandhi’s Jab At PM

Rahul Gandhi was addressed the OBC Sammelan today.

Mumbai:  Congress chief Rahul Gandhi kept up his attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government on the second day of his visit to Maharashtra. The idea of a united opposition to take on the BJP in next year’s general elections is not only a goal of political parties, it also has the backing of the people, he said.  

Amid farmers’ concerns over loan waivers and lack of forward movement in the agriculture sector, he targetted the government and visited the family of late Dalit farmer-scientist Dadaji Ramaji Khobragade to apologise for the nation’s apathy to his achievement. “People with skills are not rewarded in India … farmers work hard but you don’t see them in the office of Modi ji,” he said.

The Congress chief, who promised a food processing unit in every district to farmers of Mandsaur a few days ago, underscored how it is needed in every corner of the country.

“Food processing plants would enable farmers to market their produce better, it would provide employment to people,” said Mr Gandhi, who also promised Maharashtra farmers that if voted to power, the Congress will waive farm loans within 10 days.  

He accused the government of failing to create jobs while providing benefits to a handful of industrialists. “MNREGA required Rs.35000 crore to initialize. Nirav Modi escaped with the exact same amount, amount that could generate employment for crores”.

Referring to the BJP’s pre-election promise of job creation and bringing back black money, he said the Prime Minister’s intentions “weren’t right” when he made all those promises. “I won’t promise that I’d fill your pockets with cash. I know it is a lie, I won’t lie. India has enough cash to safeguard farmers. We would allocate it if we come to power,” he said.

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