India Before Muslim Invasions:-

In the starting of   11th Century on the eve of Muslim invasions,the whole India was disordered. The condition of society was also very bad.

There had no invasion on india around 3 to 4 centuries,which results the military power was nelected. The Indians were living in separation.There were so many conflicts in their own world that they even bother to know the changes which occurs outside the world.The rulers of this time was indulged in fighting among each other.Large number of states present in india on the eve of muslim invasion.

Multan and Sindh

  1. The Arab rulers there took off the yoke of the caliph in 871 AD and became independent.
  2. On the eve of 11th century, Multan was under the Karmathians; Sindh proper was ruled by the Arabs.


  1. Pratiharas ruled Kannauj from the middle of the 9th century AD.
  2. The last Pratihara ruler was Rajyapata whose capital Kannauj was invaded by Mahmud of Ghazni.
  3. Then Gahadawala dynasty was founded by Chandradeva.
  4. Jai Chandra’s hostility with Prithviraj is a well established fact in Indian history.
  5. The Chandelas:They were ruling over Khajuraho.
  6. The Chandela ruler Vidya Dhara had fought against Mahmud of Ghazni.
  7. Praranard had suffered defeats at the hand of Prithviraj Chauhan in 1182 AD

The Chauhans

  1. They were the rivals of the Tomars for long time.
  2. Durlabharija III lost his life while fighting against the
  3. Prithviraj I, Ajayaraja and Anoraja were the next ruler who were famous for the enmity with the muslim
  4. Bisal or Vigraharaja IV ,the son of Anoraja captured the forts of Jhansi and Delhi and the Tomars became his feudatories.
  5. There was a severe enmity between Chauhans and the Chalukyas.

The Tomars

They were ruling over Delhi and subsequently became the vassals of the Chauhans.

The Solankis of Gujrat (The Chalukyas)

  1. Founded in the middle of the 10th century by Mulraja.
  2. During the time of Jayasimaha Sidha raja state of western india
  3. Mulraja II was the king duing the attack of Muhammad Ghori on india.
  4. Bhima II was the ruler to face Muhammad Ghori in the battlefield.

The Parmaras

Ruling over Malwa region.

The Kalachuris

One branch in Gorakhpur region,another branch at Tripuri region.


  1. Ruled over Bengal
  2. After Devapala’s death the palas became weak
  3. Mahipala I was the contemporary of Mahmud of Ghazni.

Map of Medieval india

  1. A number of powerful empires arose in northern india and the Deccan between 750 A.D.-1000 A.D. i.e-Rajput Age. There are Gurjara, Prathihars, Palas ,Rastrakutas, Chauhan,Parmars,Chalukya,Gahadawal,Tomars etc.
  2. Mahmud Ghani invaded Kannauj in 1018 A.D. and Somnath in 1025 A.D.
  3. In 1194 A.D.Muhammad Ghori returned to Delhi.The battles of Tarain and Chandawar laid the foundation of Turkish rule in india.
  4. After the death of Muhammad Ghori his slave Qutubuddin Aibak laid the foundation of slave dynasty in 1206 A.D.
  5. The Khalji Dynasty was founded by Jalaluddin Khalji.
  6. The Tughlaq Dynasty was founded by Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq.
  7. The Vijaynagar Empire was founded by Harihar-I and Bukka-I in 1336 A.D.
  8. The Bahamani Kingdom was founded by Zafar Khan in 1347.
  9. Babur was the founder of Mughal empire in india