1. The process of transfer of hereditary character from one generation to next generation is called genetics

  2. John Mendel is known as the father of genetics

John Mendel Experiment

Mendel experiment is based on cross breeding of two pea plant having contracting characters for same feature i.e tall and dwarf character of plant are of height of plant. He extended his work  by two or three pairs of contrasting characters called dihybrid and trihybrid cross.He concludes some result on the basis of his experiment called Mendel’law.


Law of paired Unit:-Mendel proposed that when two dissimilar unit factor are present  in an individual only one is able to express. One that expresses itself is dominant uni t factor while other which fails to express is recessive unit factor.for example tallnesss is dominant over dwarfness.

Law of dominance:-Offspring of cross breed parent only show dominant character in F1 generation.

Law of segregation:-In F2 generation both the character which is governed by gene is separated.

Law of Independent assortment:-During dihybrid and trihybrid cross two or three pair of character are taken. These character segregate separately without depending on other in F2 generation.