Central Railway Earns Rs 42.15 Crore From Ticketless Travellers

New Delhi:  The Central Railway has registered record earnings of Rs 42.15 crores from ticketless and irregular travellers for the period of April to May.

During this period, a total of 7.59 lakh cases of ticketless or irregular travel and unbooked luggage were detected as against 7.25 lakh cases in the corresponding period last year showing an increase of 4.70 per cent, the Central Railway said in a statement.

The earnings realised from such travel was Rs 42.15 crore during the period of April to May 2018, showing an increase of 2.25 percent as compared to earnings of Rs 41.22 crore registered during the corresponding period last year.

Apart from this, around 1,517 cases of transfer of reserved journey tickets were detected and Rs. 12.77 lakh was recovered as a penalty.

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