BJP Bothered About Industrialists, Not Rising Fuel Prices: Raj Babbar


The Congress on Sunday accused the BJP of bothering only about industrialists instead of focusing on rising petroleum prices.

Speaking to reporters, UP Congress chief Raj Babbar said, “It is very unfortunate that in the national executive meeting of the BJP, discussions were held only on elections and how they could be won using management. No discussions were held on plight of the people who are facing spiralling prices of petrol, diesel and LPG. This shows the anti-people mindset of the BJP.”

The party has called a nationwide shutdown on Monday over the rising fuel prices and depreciation of the rupee. Through the bandh, Mr Babbar said they wanted to tell the government that they should also think about the common citizens.

The government has to answer that why is it increasing the prices of fuel. Due to costly petrol, diesel and LPG, the public is making repeated calls for help, and the call for Bharat Bandh is getting good response, the Congress leader said.

“When the country is experiencing high inflation, the government is only bothered about industrialists and is focusing its attention on how to give maximum benefits to them,” Mr Babbar alleged.

“Questions are being raised on the Rafale deal across the country, but the BJP and its leaders are only speaking lies,” he added.

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