Bhakti Movement

Bhakti Movement

  1. The Bhakti Movement began in South india in the 7th Century.

  2. The Alvars (Vaishnavites) and Naynars(Shaivites) popularized the Bhakti cult in South india.

  3. There were 12 Alvar Vaishnavite and 63 naynar Saivite Saints.

  4. The Saivite Saints Appar,is said to have converted the pallava king.Mahendravarman to Saivism.

  5. Sambandar and Manikkavasagar were other great Saints of Bhakti Movement.

  6. The writings of these saints were collected in the Tirumurai.

  7. The Tirumurai has been called as the Tamil Veda.

  8. Periya Puranam was composed by Shekkilar in the region of the chola king Kulottunga I.

  9. Ramananda was the first great Bhakti Movement Saint of North India

  10. Raida,Kabir,Dhanna ,Pipa were his disciples.

  11. Kabir(1440-1518) belonged to a family of weaver.

  12. Kabir spend greater part of his life in Banaras.

  13. Kabir’s verses were included in Adi Granth.

  14. Raidas was a tanner.

  15. Dhanna was a Jat peasant from Rajasthan.

  16. Guru Nanak (1469-1539) was born at nankana Sahib.

  17. Kabir and Nanak were Nirguna Bhakti Movement Saints.

  18. Vallabhacharya was a Telugu Brahmana.

  19. Vallabhacharya was a founder of Pushti marga (way of grace).

  20. Chaitanya (1486-1533) was the most prominent Vaishnav saint of Bengal.

  21. Chaitanya popularized Krishna Bhakti .

  22. Chaitanya was looked upon as living king.

  23. Jnaneswar wrote Jnaneswari.

  24. Jnaneswar (1275-1296) was the pioneer Bhakti Movement Saint of Maharastra.

  25. Jnaneswar is a commentary on Bhagavad Gita.

  26. Jnaneswar was the author of many hymns called Abhangas.

  27. Namdeva(1270-1350) was a tailor by caste.

  28. Namdeva travelled to north india and Punjab

  29. Namdeva’s Bhakti songs have been included in the Adi Granth.

  30. Namdeva is considered to be part of Varkari Tradition.

  31. In Assam,Sankaradeva(1449-1568) introduced Bhakti.

  32. Sankaradeva’s sect is called Mahapurushiya dharma.

  33. Dadu(1544-1603) was inspired by Kabir’s Doctrine.

  34. Tukaram’s teachings are in the form of Abhangas or dohas.

  35. Tukaram founded varkari sect.

  36. Ramdasa wrote Dasabodha.

  37. Ramdasa was Guru of Shivaji

  38. The Lingayat sect was founded by Basava.

  39. The biography of Chaitanya is Chaitanya Charitamrita.

  40. The biography of Chaitanya Was written by Krishnadas Kaviraj

  41. The disciples of kabir later formed the kabirpanthi sect.

  42. Jagjivan Das founded the Satnami sect.

  43. Tulsidas wrote Ramcharitmanas,Vinaypatrika,kavitavali.

  44. Surdas wrote Sur Surawali,Sahitya Ratna,Sursagar.

  45. Mirabhai was a Rajput princess of Merta.

  46. Mirabhai married to Bhojraja,son of Rana Sanga.

  47. Mirabhai was famous for her devotion to Krishna.

  48. Mirabhai advocated image worship and observance of special fasts.

  49. Mirabhai wrote Several poem like Padavali.

  50. Ramanuja advocated the philosophy of Vishistadvaitavada

  51. Madhvacharya founded the Dvaita philosophy

  52. Nimbarka propounded the Dvaitadvaita philosophy.

  53. Nimbarka founded the Sanak Sampradaya


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